Frequenty Asked Questions

Current Rental Properties

#1. Do we have any properties available?

Answer: We usually have new properties that are being renovated or close to being renovated. We usually have a waiting list, so make sure you are on our VIP list to get emailed and text as soon as we get a new one!

#2. Do we accept Housing Vouchers?

Yes we do! We work regularly with TCOG and Grayson Housing in the Sherman/Denison area. As long as the rent amount fits in with your voucher limits, you are good to go! And NO, we do not “let you pay the difference”, as that is not allowed with the housing programs nor us. Those limits are in place for YOUR benefit.

#3. Do we have any breed restrictions on dogs?

We do NOT have breed restrictions on dogs, but we do NOT allow cats. This is a Company Policy. We charge $25.00 per month per pet pet rent.

#4. How much is the application fee?

We charge an application fee of $50.00 per person 18 years of age and older, and yes this includes your adult children that live with you.

#5. Can you pay out the deposit?

No. Once your applications are approved, you are expected to sign your lease, and pay your deposit AT THAT TIME. Your prorated rent for that month will also be due at that time, unless the house is not ready, then your rent would be prorated from the day of availability and you would be expected to pay that prorated amount.

#6. Can we hold a property for you?

The answer is no. BUT if you let us know early enough that you want to rent a particular house that is undergoing a remodel, you wouldn’t be expected to start paying rent until it was rent ready! So let us know ASAP if you are interested in a house, otherwise save your money and be ready to move in as soon as it is ready.

#7. Do we do a credit check?

Credit isn’t a factor per se, but we do a tenant check. We do not allow anyone with evictions in the past 5 years to rent from us.

#8. Do we have a limit on the number of people per bedroom?

Yes. Typically, we don’t like to see more than 2 people per bedroom, and this includes children. So for a family of 4, you would need a 2 bedroom at least. For a family of 5-6, you would need a 3 bedroom at least. So on and so forth.