Wow! What a busy month we had last month here at Moore Acquisitions! We closed on a large package of 25 properties, plus sold our complete wholesale inventory in a week! We had to dig deep to find new properties, and they are coming available this month. Problem is they are selling practically before we can let our buyers know! Good problem to have right? Yes, we know and are happy about that.

How are our houses selling before our buyers even hear about them? They have a close relationship with us, and we know exactly what they are looking for. We also know when we have a serious buyer that can “pull the trigger”, we don’t mind offering it to them first!

We are in the business of finding those deals WELL below 50% of the ARV, so even with our wholesale fees, everyone wins! Contact Johnny today to tell him what YOU are looking¬†for, so we can find the perfect property for your portfolio. ¬†He likes to know what his buyers want, and that if he finds them the perfect deal, they WILL follow through and “close the deal”.

Johnny would like to hear from you! 903-374-4440